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STEP 7 is the universal programming software for configuring and programming SIMATIC controllers. The software supports the user throughout all phases of automation solutions - from the design and implementation stage through to plant monitoring and failure diagnostics.

STEP 7 contains numerous tools and functions for the most varied tasks in an automation project. The programming languages LAD, FBD and STL meet the international IEC 61131-3 standard


Some of the highlights of the latest version include:

Access protection on projects: Protected projects can be opened by authorized users only.
CAx-Data Export/Import for CAx Systems with XML format (e.g. for CAD- or CAE-Systems)
Identification data can be written to hardware modules
PROFINET IO (Ethernet): Real Time functionality increased

New Features

Access Protection
Projects can now be protected with full username and password user management. This does require the additional option SIMATIC Logon V1.3 to provide the user management.
Users can then be assigned different roles and rights for individual projects.
Incorporated into the access protection is a change log. This log records which users logged into the project as well as actions such us saving a new project version, uploading and downloading to the plc.
CAx Data Export/Import
As of STEP 7 V5.4, you can export stations in a format that is "understood" by CAx systems, where they can be processed further. Similarly, you can also export station data from a compatible CAx system and import them into a station in an STEP 7 project. In this sense, "CAx" stands for CAD, CAE, E-CAD and E-CAE and refers to the data used in these special programs. This feature saves you from having to enter the same data twice.
Module identification
Identification and maintenance (I&M) functions are information functions that you can use to retrieve information about a device such as the manufacturer, version, configuration, location and diagnostics
Identification data is information on the module. Some of this information may also be printed on the module housing. This information can be read by the module diagnostics function in STEP 7.
The maintenance data is plant-dependent information such as the Plant ID, Location ID, installation data and any comments. Maintenance data can now also be written to the module online.
PROFINET is the industrial automation standard based on Ethernet specified by the international PROFIBUS organisation.
Step 7 5.4 includes several improvements for engineering PROFINET systems:

Mass engineering through improved copying of PROFINET I/O devices
New PROFINET Isochronous Real Time (IRT) topology editor for creation of systems synchronised via PROFINET
Online/Offline comparison of PROFINET I/O systems
Support for the new CP1616 PROFINET IRT PC card.


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