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24 November 2006, 07:32 PM
With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we would make your life easier in the quest of the ideal gift for your loved ones. Here are the Top 8 Samsung Phones which you can get for christmas and for more info visit Samsung (http://www.samsung.com/):

1. Samsung X530 If you want to look ***y over summer without any long term mobile contracts, look no further than Samsung's X530 prepaid slider mobile! It is possibly the best looking prepaid phone on the market and is a tiny slider at only 13.9mm slim.
This little beauty comes with a speaker phone, MMS picture messaging, VGA camera, Bluetooth functionality and infrared connectivity. Start your summer romance with the Samsung X530.


2. Samsung Z230 (http://www.mobilewhack.com/reviews/samsung_z230_red_edition_phone.html) As you shop, swim or sunbake this summer, Samsung's Z230 will become your ultimate summer companion, as you can still check if you've secured that 'must-have' bargain on Ebay, via 3G!
Chat to your heart's content this Christmas to loved‑ones all over the world, with the stylish Samsung Z230 prepaid mobile. You can listen to your favourite summer tunes via the built-in MP3 player, or capture the moment on the 1.3 megapixel camera and share the images with your friends. Available in striking silver, the Samsung Z230 will look great under your Christmas tree this year.


3. Samsung X680Spice up your Christmas this year with Samsung's X680 prepaid mobile with Bluetooth technology. Throw away annoying cables and optimise Bluetooth for wireless transfers of data and other image files.

If you're not taking portraits or cute pics of your friends, pump out your favourite tunes via the inbuilt MP3 player. Don't turn your back on this slinky little black number.


4. Samsung Z400 (http://www.mobilewhack.com/reviews/samsung_sgh-z400_biz_phone.html) Santa's best stocking-filler this year is the Samsung Z400 mobile phone - the latest edition to the Samsung 3G family. Access the latest breaking news, music videos or trailers using 3G and store them on your mobile with the addition of an external memory card.

Sleek in silver with a well contoured casing, the Samsung Z400 is the right blend of maximum performance and refined styling. With a soft-touch slide, the Samsung Z400 is the smoothest gift around this Christmas.


5. Samsung A701Samsung's A701 utilises Telstra's new Next G network featuring high speed broadband 1.8Mbps data transfer speeds, which is faster than many home based ADSL connections. With a VGA camera for video calls, you can see and talk to family all over the country this Christmas via the huge 2.3" screen.
Along with a 2MP camera, which has a 4X digital zoom, the A701 comes with 24MB of internal memory. This can be upgraded to 2GB of external memory with a micro SD card, to store all you favourite tunes on the MP3 player.


6. Samsung A501Even Rudolph will fall in love with this phone when he sees himself on the TV screen! Catch the latest gossip and hot news from Hollywood via Foxtel's

E! Entertainment, or work out what to wear by tuning into the Fashion Channel. Available in either Fashion Pink or Deep Blue, the Samsung A501 offers loads of party features to allow you to make the most of the Telstra NEXT G experience. Combining a 1.3 MP camera, video recording, a Stereo MP3 player and Bluetooth, it's easier than ever to experience live streaming of FOX 8, MTV or the Comedy Channel, pictures and sound with friends and family anywhere.


7. Samsung D520 (http://www.mobilewhack.com/reviews/samsung_sgh-d520_approved_by_fcc.html)This amazing tri-band Samsung D520 mobile phone is packed with all the latest features as well as looking devilishly sophisticated! Take pics at any time with the built in flash on the 1.3MP camera and listen to your favourite music on the MP3 player. Use the document viewer to view presentations, Word or Excel files and you can save those important files using the 80MB of internal memory. Combined with up to 60mins of video recording, it's the perfect match for your busy lifestyle.

14 December 2006, 02:28 AM
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